How the Damn Fine Words course would help me improve the future of a nation


Yup, you read that right. And I promise it’s not some high flying BS either. I actually believe that with the help of the Damn Fine Words my writing can eventually lead to the betterment of a nation. But more on that in a second. First, let me explain why and how the Damn Fine Words scholarship would change my life, as that is the first step in my grand scheme of things.

I just came from a one year journey around the world and along the way I discovered my passion for copywriting. The whole thing was almost an accident.

You see, me and my girlfriend didn’t get a New Zealand working holiday visa. We were 100% sure we’re going to get it so we already bought the tickets. Now there was no other option but to start looking for something that would earn us a least a few bucks along the way. Enter copywriting.

The thought of becoming a copywriter crossed my mind a few times before. I love to read, I like to write and some people said I’d be good at it. Suddenly the length of our journey (and my livelong dreams) hanged on my ability to churn up some well-chosen words. It was motivating and terrifying at the same time.

I dived into all the materials I could find, studied them like a madman and found a few clients before the trip. At first I did all the work for free – I needed projects for my portfolio. Soon all the initial clients became paying clients, so I suppose I was doing something right. I didn’t earn a lot, but enough to keep us going for a year and finish our dream journey.

Somewhere along the way I fell in love with copywriting. I know it sounds cheesy. I am not saying I loved every part of it and every project, but I never really hated it and that’s a grand thing when it comes to a job. I am a curious guy and I really wanted to find something that would constantly challenge me, help me grow and make me learn something new every day. Before that my career was the only area in my life that felt like a wide empty space waiting to be filled with something meaningful and that’s why I think copywriting was the greatest discovery of my journey. Which is a bit funny, don’t you think? You go exploring different countries and you suddenly find a career.

I should be getting to the part about Damn Fine Words course by now, right? During my travels I devoured books about the craft of writing. I wrote as much as time allowed without compromising my travels. I wrote at least 200 words of free flowing fiction everyday as James Chartrand suggested in a podcast and I copied many famous sales letters by hand. However, my studying lacked structure and feedback. I was too eager to learn everything and with travelling it’s hard to keep a schedule and do it step by step. That’s where the Damn Fine Words course would do me a world of good. It would show me what I’ve missed and expand my writing knowledge in the areas I’ve already touched. If I’d learn an effective system that would make my writing more organized I am sure the quality of it would improve significantly.

Right now I am back in Slovenia (Where? We’ll get to that later) and I am just about to launch a website and start looking for new clients. But before that I have enough time to take the course and be 100% dedicated to soak in everything it has to offer. That would help me to over-deliver to my new clients and wow them. It would help me to aim higher and not be afraid of contacting the top local businesses. And it would give me credibility as I reach for clients in other European countries. I could show them I finished a renowned writing course in English, which is definitely a big plus.

What I crave the most since I started writing copy is feedback. I studied marketing communication and you’d think I could ask my professors for feedback or to mentor me in some way. Nope. Why? Because we never learned anything about copywriting in college. Zero. Nada. We haven’t read any of the classic books. Heck, we haven’t had one lesson about internet marketing either. Consequently the real experts in Slovenia are few and it’s hard to reach them. I will definitely try and try again, but Damn Fine Words course offers an opportunity that’s really hard to come by around here. I would finally put my writing into perspective and I would have clear objectives to work on. I really want to improve and it’s much easier if you know what to improve. I finally want a course where I’ll come out filled with new ideas and knowing I enhanced my writing skills. And of course I am prepared to work my butt off for that.

As you can see Damn Fine Words course could easily be the turning point of my career.

But what has that to do with Slovenia?

How could that improve a nation?

For starters, there are just 2 million of us. We are very competitive and a lot of people have great ideas. But (there’s always a but) they don’t know how to communicate them. How could they when our school system teaches us the opposite of effective writing. So the ideas go to waste, people give up and settle for regular jobs. It’s a shame.

With the knowledge I’d get through the course I could speed up my plan. Of course the first step is to get clients. At the same time I’ll start writing a blog with practical copywriting advice in Slovene language. There is a gap in that area and it needs to be filled. I actually did a survey a few weeks ago and found out a lot of young people hunger for copywriting advice for their private projects. Yes, I can start the blog without taking the course, but doing all the exercises and improving my own writing would help me find out what really works, analyze Slovene copywriting examples more effectively, offer clearer insights and give me more credibility.

The course would be like a time machine for my blog’s quality.

I know a well-written blog like that has the potential to help a whole generation of ambitious youngsters. The country is small enough for the content to reach anyone interested, and even with just slightly better writing a lot of people could realize their projects and run their own businesses. That could trigger a snowball effect when people realize that they can achieve something on their own – a mindset that a lot of Slovenes lack.

The course would also help me with the second part of my plan – working pro bono on a few projects with great potential but no funds. Right now I can’t afford that, but I believe I could get better clients faster after I finish the course and hone my skills. Once I earn enough l plan to help people with ideas to change our world for the better (even if just a tiny bit of it). They usually lack publicity or don’t know how to attract interest and I am sure I’d be able to change that.

In case you’re wondering why that’s the only post on this domain – it’s reserved for my website and blog once when they are ready. You are probably one of the first if not the first visitor of this little corner of the internet. It’s empty now, but hopefully one day soon it will be filled with knowledge, determination and a buzzing audience.

This is my first post here and it could prove to be the most important one I will ever write.

This could be a real life-changer.


PS: Whether or not I am chosen for the scholarship I would like to thank James Chartrand for all the amazing free insights and valuable content she shares with the world. Her newsletter is the only one beside John Carlton’s that gets delivered directly into my inbox and doesn’t get rolled up. I am always looking forward to her writing tips as they prove helpful time and time again. Thank you. 🙂

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